Great Big Green Week in Lancaster

On Friday 16th June between 10am and 5pm at Midsummer Market, Market Square, Lancaster people were tasting seasonally-inspired food and meeting local food producers.

This event was part of the GREAT BIG GREEN WEEK which is the largest nationwide event for climate and nature, highlighting the need for urgent action. Buying local products is one way to help sustainable production in this time of climate change.

For part of the day members of Lancaster and District Fairtrade group were distributing cards to passers-by showing that products such as bananas, beverages and chocolate are among many crops threatened by Climate Change. At this event, as at some others, the Fairtrade volunteers attracted attention with the help of props such as costumes representing Fairtrade items or by carrying inflatable bananas. To see an example take a look at the Fairtrade  Facebook page: (you don’t need to be a member of Facebook in order to take a look).

Buying Fairtrade when appropriate is one of the ways that you can do your bit to help reduce the threats brought on by climate change.

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