Fair and sustainable Christmas in Lancaster

Any items that carry the Fairtrade Mark are produced in a sustainable manner so by buying them we are often having less impact on climate change than the equivalent products that are not Fairtrade. Try to allow a little extra time when looking on the shelves of your normal grocers or supermarkets – you could be pleasantly surprised and find presents ideal for friends and relatives or as Christmas treats for yourself that are Fairtrade.


If you are in Penny Street in Lancaster remember that there is a cluster of places with a high choice of Fairtrade gifts.


Craft Aid off Martin Street specialises in fairly traded crafts and food items. The shop is well stocked and gifts rotate between the shelves and stock that is taken to stalls so remember to ask if you can’t see what you want.


Oxfam and Single step are also good shops to visit when Christmas shopping. Marks and Spencer’s have made and effort to offer Fairtrade but when I have asked why several of the items are no longer certified Fairtrade – for example cotton clothing such as baby wear – the reply is that not enough people buy them. It is up to us to do our best to choose Fairtrade to retain the supply of potential Christmas gifts that are currently Fairtrade.


The Radish (takeaway) in New Street, Lancaster will gladly sell you some of the Fig Tree Fairtrade chocolate that is hand-made locally. You might also find this on Christmas stalls. I really believe that it is good to ask for Fairtrade items that you have heard of.


We welcome feedback when you are successful in finding Fairtrade gifts in unusual places.

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